High Quality, Real, Live Sound Samples.

Our Samples are recorded especially for you
during real Live Studio Sessions.
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Your production deserves the best sound quality possible. Just like a professional musician taking part in your production,
you will get the feeling of playing LIVE.

In modern music production,
Practically anything can be done in a home studio.

But what happens when we need some Live sounds
with the feel and power of a real musician?

That’s exactly what we do!

These samples are 100% royalty free!

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Compatible with all DAWs/Music Software

All samples have been processed and edited using professional gear
to ensure an authentic sound.

Just drag & drop the WAV files into your favorite DAW and you’re good to go!

Each sample

comes with a key and
tempo label.

The samples are

all made to inspire maximum

You can immediately

download the file after

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Our services

Our services include

Custom-made recordings for your track!

Just tell us what you need – 
Drums, bass, guitars and keyboards
and We Make It happen!